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Business Coaching





Having a business expert to sound out the validity of ideas and to help make sure you have considered all aspects necessary to help your business grow can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Stay business fit.


Business plan

A twelve month view that looks at your entire business and provides a document banks want to see when you apply for funding.

  • Set your financial goals;
  • What are your products & Services – how much money should they make for you?
  • Legal & regulatory requirements;
  • Contracts;
  • Insurances;
  • Tax requirements;
  • Competitive evaluation;
  • Industry evaluation;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Production & operational planning;
  • Reporting requirements;
  • Financials – expenses / sales targets / cash flow.

There are a million business plan templates out there but it’s really hard to understand what’s required and how to pull it all together in a way the banks want to see.

It also ensures you have considered all aspects of your business when you are planning activities to increase financial returns. Before you undertake any activity you’ll know what’s involved, how much it will cost and anticipate how much money that activity should bring to your business.

Avoid the “machine gun” approach to business – the idea that if you randomly participate in various activities, one of them will stick and bring in money.  This is a time and money waster.

Be in control of your destiny.


Creativity, conceptual artwork

This is one component of a business plan however your business will benefit greatly from setting a twelve month calendar of sales and marketing activities and understanding exactly what’s involved in each activity, how much it will cost and how much money it will make you.







Who are your top 3-5 competitors taking your clients away from you?
What is it they have to offer your clients you don’t?
How are you different to your competitors and what do you have to offer that’s attractive.

Let the Citrine Group find out for you and provide you with insight into how you can stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.


Industry growth





Utilising industry publications and resources, get a full view of what’s happening in your industry.

  • Key success factors;
  • Annual industry turnover;
  • What stage in the lifecycle is your industry;
  • Demographic makeup in your target area;
  • Spending habits of your target market;
  • What do your clients want from a service provider in your industry.

This and many more questions identified and answered.







Is it time to look at exactly what service and product you are offering?
Are you pricing points effective?
Could be time for a tweak, maybe close a product for good or look at developing a new product all together.
Without products to offer, you have no business.
Your product affects every aspect of your business. Any change, adaptation or introduction of a product needs careful consideration.

Not for the light hearted.

With experience in Product Management since 2000, talk to the experts.


Citrine Group





So now you have an AMAZING strategy to get you ahead but who’s going to do it for you?

We can.

Often a great strategy sits in someone’s desk drawer, never to be realised because no one’s got time to roll it out.

Experienced in project management, hand it over to the Citrine Group.




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