Business Plans for Immigration Visa

If you are applying for a Business Visa to migrate to Australia, our personalised and robust Business Plans for Immigration Visa can help you get a prompt approval in the very first attempt!

Coming to a new country is hard enough in itself for you.   New culture, new laws and sometimes language.  It’s virtually impossible for a visa applicant to write a business plan that will demonstrate without a doubt that you know how to operate a business in the Australian environment.  The Citrine Group can take the business you currently operate in your home country or the business you would like to operate in Australia and create a solid, tailored and comprehensive business plan that will prove you are a great applicant to  have in this country and a document you can use to run your business when you get here.

Contact us  We can help you with the following visa sub-classes and others:

  • Sub-class 188. Business innovation & investment (Provisional) visa
  • Sub-class 888. Business innovation and investment (Permanent) visa
  • Sub-class 489. Skilled regional (Provisional) visa
  • Sub-class 132. Business talent (Permanent) visa

We guarantee a stress-free and quick process for your peace of mind…Welcome to Australia!!

Your business plan will include:

Company & Management

Description of business
Products & services offered
Business goals
Organisational structure
Legal business structure
Skills, qualifications of owner & staff
Regulatory issues
Insurances required
SWOT analysis

Market Opportunity & Analysis

Current state of the industry
Market size and trends
Target market identified and described
Competitors & your competitive advantage
Key success factors

Marketing & Sales

Marketing activities
Market position
Sales targets and sales mix
Sales & distribution channels
Customer service
Marketing action plan

Production & Operational Plan

Development status of business, product or services
Location & layut
Raw material and supplies
Equipment, resources & services required
Contingency plans
Occupational health & safety
Monitoring business performance
Records for the business
Action plan
Production workflow / process

Financial Information

Start up costs
Sales forecasting
Anticipated profit & loss for first 3 years
Business budget
Cash flow budget
Loans and financing
Assets and Liabilities